Salesforce CPQ, NOW

Get up-and-running in less than 60 days--without sacrificing quality or important functionality

All the features you need
Something about quick start has it all
  • Products

    Setup and configuration of one-time and subscription products

  • Pricing & Discounting

    Volume- and Term-based Discount Schedules

  • Approvals

    Native Salesforce approval setup

  • Documents

    Quote/Proposal Template

  • Contracting

    Renewals & Amendments

Beyond the basics
Need something more?
  • Document Generation

    Create more powerful document templates using DocuSign Gen, Conga Composer, or DrawLoop

  • Data Migration

    Migrate your pre-existing customer contracts so reps can amend and renew them using Salesforce CPQ

  • Electronic Signature

    Automatically send proposals and finalize agreements with DocuSign, Conga Sign, or AdobeSign

  • Order Management

    Generate Order records in Salesforce to better facilitate your fulfillment, billing, or other downstream processes

  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

    Manage the full contract lifecycle, track negotiations via redlining, and automate contract workflow with SpringCM or Conga Contracts

  • Advanced Pricing Customization

    Utilize a Quote Calculator Plugin script to account for the most complex pricing scenarios

  • Integration

    Automate the handoff of closed deal data from Salesforce to your ERP or billing platform

  • Community

    Empower customer or partner self-service with Salesforce CPQ in a Salesforce community

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