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You’ve Implemented Salesforce—Now What?

When a company makes the decision to invest in Salesforce, it’s because there is a gap between the business’ needs and the existing technology stack. A lot of time, money, and energy is spent designing and implementing Salesforce to close that gap. Once you’re live, users are...

Salesforce CPQ Advanced Approvals with Slack

Watch our Salesforce CPQ implementation experts demonstrate powerful customer solutions. Many organizations already use Slack to collaborate internally.

The Benefits of Salesforce CPQ: Part 2

I’ll be digging deeper into six of the key benefits to implementing Salesforce CPQ... Quote faster and more accurately, even by reps with little or no training

Axia CPQ announces partnership with Salesforce

Axia CPQ is happy to announce that we have been accepted into the Salesforce consulting partner program to provide consulting services for Salesforce clients...

The Benefits of Salesforce CPQ: Part 1 - Introduction

A CPQ—that is, Configure, Price, & Quote—application is one principally designed to automate the process of generating a customer-facing proposal (i.e. the Q). To produce that document, the system first aids in selecting...

Launch of Axia CPQ

CPQ is among the most complex information systems for any business. It impacts the operations and processes of every department, from sales to marketing, legal, fulfillment, and even accounting. The competing priorities...